Athens-Ben Epps Airport is a county-owned public use airport holding an FAA Part 139 Certification and aiming to promote aviation-related industry in Athens-Clarke County.

Message from the Airport Director 

I hope this newsletter finds everyone doing well during these crazy times. This Newsletter will be the first of a monthly effort that I will be putting out to everyone on the email list and also to those that want to download it from our website.


I want to try to get more information out to our tenants, customers and all stakeholders so that they will feel more engaged and informed on what is going on at their airport.

Please feel free to email me with any newsworthy items that I can add to the Newsletter each month. Some months may be lighter on content than others. However, the goal is to get information to you so that you feel a part of our airport community, but most of all, informed.

Current and Future Projects

Two new projects are scheduled to start at the beginning of 2021.

The first project is to relocate the Localizer antenna. This is located on the threshold end of Runway 9.

The antenna is sitting in our safety area and needs to be moved further to the west to keep the safety area clear of obstructions. Along with the relocation, we will be installing new equipment for the Localizer. This will include new electronics and a new antenna. The entire project will cost about $1,500,000 to complete.


The second project has been a safety concern for a long time, Taxiway A.

We will be doing a rehabilitation project on Taxiway A. This project will be from A1 to A3 only. The remainder will be done at another date, possibly in 2022. In project we will take all of the old asphalt up and replace it with new base and pavement. We will be installing new LED lighting to the improved taxiway and also will lay down new marking.

Both projects are slated to begin the first of March 2021.

There will be NOTAMS and future Newsletter updates to give you plenty of information as to airport areas that may be closed or that are affected due to the construction. Be on the lookout for them.

My hope is to finish Taxiway A with a project in 2022 that will rehab the remaining section to the east and also make the taxiway a complete parallel by adding a straight section from A3 to B3. This will also give us more additional ramp space in front of the GA terminal where we can park more aircraft without the danger of hitting aircraft as they taxi by.

Airport Economic Impact
The Georgia Department recently identified the specific economic impacts of the state's 103 public use airports. We are proud to announce that the airport's annual economic impact estimated $27,841,600. With 51,632 annual visitors and 332 employees supported with $10,051,200 in annual payroll, we could not be more thrilled to continually support the economy in Georgia. 
The study showed an annual spending of $17,790,400 from airport management, aviation-related business tenants, average annual investment, expenditures from visitors arriving on general aviation aircraft, and expenditures by visitors arriving on scheduled commercial airline flights. Employment, payroll, spending, and annual economic activity were measured for each of these categories. AHN impacts the community through support of healthcare and emergency services, state agriculture and forestry industries, environmental services, law enforcement services and power companies. 
Looking Forward 

One of my goals for this year is to enhance a sense of comradery among the aviation community on the airport. I know that COVID makes that difficult since we all must social distance and we are expected to maintain caution. However, I hope that in the next couple of months, the warmer months especially, we can all have a hotdog lunch together or another event. 
Please let me know if anyone has any other good ideas that we can do on the airport as a group. (Oh…and by the way, Skeet shooting is not an option).

T-Hangar Changes

It has been over 10 years since T-hangar leases have been updated.

Because of this, October, November and December will see some changes in the T-hangar leases, both in wording and in the hangar assignments.

Some of the changes include the re-lettering of some of the T-hangar units. As you know, we have designated letters on hangars that previously did not follow the alphabet as the rows of hangars should reflect.

The numbering of each unit will remain the same---only the letters will change.

The units on the west side of the terminal will be T-hangars A, B, C, D and the units on the east side of the terminal will be E, F and G. This will help us all in the long run and I know it will help the newcomers to the airport as well. This is also a big help for us as we use it in our emergency plan and the lettering sequence will make more sense in an emergency situation.

In this process, we will also be making sure that all of the requirements in the lease are being adhered to. This includes no subleasing, no hazardous materials, and above all, making sure that there is actually an airplane in the hangar and not just cars, boats and household furniture. I know I do not have to explain why we are doing this. However, I will say that the airport only has so many assets to make revenue and if space is tied up with these types of items, and not aviation related as it should be, then this really does not help us out at all. Ultimately hurts you the tenant as we must raise our fuel costs and hangar rent in order to at least break even. We must all work together to make this an airport that is not a burden on the taxpayers that is self-sustainable and that revenues come from all of you.
in Athens

On Saturday, November 21, we welcome the Mississippi State Bulldogs to Athens. For the full UGA 2020 football, click here.  If you are flying into AHN for the game, please be advised that a shuttle bus will not be provided for the 2020 season. Hertz car rentals, located on site, will be available by contacting 706-543-5984.

Administrative Changes 

As most of you may know, Dan Demsky has retired from his position as Airport Operations Supervisor. His last day was September 25th. We wish him well.

We are currently conducting a search for this position and should have a replacement within the next few months. In the meantime, we are all pitching in to make sure that there is no disruption in the operations of the airport, especially during football season. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you see something that needs my attention. We all have to keep an eye out for safety and security issues at all times.

Commercial Flights

Prior to COVID-19, AHN was working to restore passenger service. We are pleased to announce that in February we were awarded a $750,000 Small Community Air Service Development Program Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for marketing and incentives to attract an airline to our airport. We were one of the 18 airports in the country that was awarded this grant in 2019. We were communicating with American Airlines in hopes of starting service from Athens to Charlotte and have hopes that this comes to fruition in the next two years. Post COVID-19, the airlines are currently working to manage the ever-changing situation. We are maintaining lines of communication with American and are open to other opportunities that may come our way. The Airport Authority and staff are committed to securing viable commercial service for Athens and the surrounding area. Check our website and Facebook page for more updates. 

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